Jon Nelson Community Service Award Winners


Cliff Kempner

Time serving with Community Lunch: Eleven years

Favorite thing about serving: Interacting with all sorts of people

Interesting fact: Cliff wears his signature hat in honor of John Lennon. Ask him why he loves the Beatles!

Lucas and Cliff with Lucas drawing March 2014.jpg

Hugh Charest

Volunteer Specialty: Clicker master! Ask Hugh how many guests we had a lunch on Friday.

Time serving with Community Lunch: Five years

Interesting fact: Hugh will eat almost anything, but not bananas!

Larry and Hugh photo.jpg

Mercer Island VOICE Program

What does VOICE stand for: Volunteer Outreach In Communities Everywhere. 

Who is VOICE? Teens who commit to service at several different sites all summer long - 255 participants in 2017!

Interesting fact: The VOICE program has been coming to Community Lunch since 2008 and they enjoy serving with us because of the hands on activity and direct effects of their work.