Jon Nelson Community Service Award Winners


Brian Anderson

Time serving with Community Lunch: Since 1999!

Favorite thing about serving: The camaraderie and company as well as having the opportunity to meet people with different difficulties - it helps us be more empathetic

Interesting fact: Brian’s wardrobe has two seasons - Hawaiian shirts or flannel!


Lucas Boyle

Former Community Lunch staff: Worked with us for over five years (and designed our logo!)

Interesting fact: Lucas is a dodgeball pro - catch him in action on the Cal Anderson courts if he isn’t too busy coaching the USA’s dodgeball team!


St. Francis of Assisi School

St. Francis students come to help us prepare and serve lunch every week throughout the school year. They also host monthly donation drives of survival gear items (such as blankets, socks, and dental hygiene products) that our guests greatly appreciate.

Interesting fact: St. Francis students have volunteered with us for over 20 years! They enjoy serving with us because of the hands on activity and direct effects of their work.